Getting Adjusted - Just Fine!


Things seem a little crazy right now. Hopefully everything will be wrapped up before her birthday in March. In the meantime, Marissa really doesn't seem to take much notice and keeps going on just fine and there haven't been any major hiccups. She loves playing with her babies and just has fun being a three year old.

We just finished writing a letter to Santa yesterday and she had to pick out the things she wanted the most. She asked Santa for more dolls (where on Earth they will go or how many we'll have remains a mystery), a "big kitchen" and the Wedding Barbie and "boy" she has been eying for the past few months. She mentioned the silly little hamster toys - Zu Zu _ I think, good luck Santa and a Nintendo DS. I think there are some big kids at school that have them and she wants so badly to be a big kid that she wants what they have and I'm just not sold. Maybe another year we'll get her a video game.

Here is her most recent photo from the beginning of November.  In the meantime, she wants Momma to work hard so we can go to Disney World soon. I told her it would be a while longer than she thinks but I am trying - just have some other things to take care of first. I promised her that someday (even if that meant she was a grown up) that I would take her to Disney World. Let's just hope that she's as enthusiastic about it as she is now.